New cooperation – more then just a Gantt chart

Our many years of experience shows us that in many companies is often difficult. Data is often copied from PM tools such as MS Project and transferred to corporate PowerPoint presentations. The result is usually sobering. High manual effort and a final presentation that convinces neither the bosses nor the creator. Is it not getting better? We believe so. For this reason, we have a partnership between Visual Braindump and VISBO GMBH closed. The VISBO GmbHhas developed software that makes it possible to create interactive PowerPoint slides that can update themselves. VISBO has developed software interfaces to standard PM tools such as Excel and MS Project. Through these interfaces, plan and actual data are extracted from the sources and transformed into a visual interactive PowerPoint Canvas Sheet at runtime. The advantages of this are obvious: Potential customers can use the standard tool PowerPoint for reporting and thus save on license costs. In addition, templates only need to be designed initially (eg layout, icons and symbols), so that they can be fed with current data from the aforementioned sources at the touch of a button.
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